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Top 10 Best Social Bookmarking Sites, Free and High DA in 2019

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking is an online service that allows you to create and publicly share website bookmarks with other members of the community by tagging the web page with a web-based tool so that you can easily access it later. Instead of saving them on your web browser, you are saving them on the web.

Social media bookmarking is where people share photos, links, videos, audio, art and more. This helps to index your web page in a fast and easy way. And in order to rank your web page for particular keywords, the first thing is to index it. There are many social media platforms which are popular among people.

top 10 social bookmarking sites
top 10 social bookmarking sites

Users can register on the website to create bookmarks which they can ‘tag’ under different categories. Go to this free social bookmarking sites list 2019 below, these social bookmarking sites are of high DA (Domain Authority) and can be helpful!

Social bookmarking sites have become increasingly popular in recent years because they allow you to easily categorize and locate resources on the Internet.

This is not only a great tool for users, but it is useful for marketers who are looking to promote useful content for their brand and create awareness.

You can easily share your blog on social bookmarking sites to generate user engagement. Each of these websites has a different environment, terminology, and policies, which you need to understand carefully before marketing your content.

1. Reddit Social Bookmarking Sites

reddit social bookmarking
reddit social bookmarking

Known as the “front page of the Internet”, Reddit is a highly popular site found in 2005 and home to millions of tech-savvy users who share a range of topics.

It is basically a bulletin board system, divided into categories called subreddits. If your content is compelling and you want to go, Reddit had 19,040,496 unique visitors last month.

It is free software that allows its users to share photos, links and photos. People can use it to share things happening with them, to spread knowledge and to discuss things. In addition, it is actively used for quality backlinks.

2. Pinterest Social Bookmarking Site

Pinterest differs from standard bookmarking sites because it allows you to bookmark images and videos instead of saving standard page URLs. After a few hours I found out that it makes bookmarking a lot more fun and social (and a little addictive!).

In its words “Pinterest is an online virtual pinboard that allows you to organize and share the things you love”.

However Google is reporting that the site already receives more traffic in the form of other more well-established sites such as “Picasa” and “Tumblr”. Currently this service is still available by invitation only.

The site was created in 2010 by Ben Silberman, Paul Cicerra and Evan Sharp. All you have to do is create an account and select your area of ​​interest. Then Pinterest shows content related to your choice.

Posts created in Pinterest are called Pins. You can make a board to make a group of pins that fall into the same category. This site also helps you rank your website in images.

3. StumbleUpon Bookmarking Site

StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking sites that enables clients to impart a site to others in their system. People use tool pages to “stumble” on web pages suggested by people who match their personal preferences.

StumbleUpon utilizes an “approval, disapproval” rating instrument to shape synergistic suppositions about the nature of a specific site.

When users “stumble”, they only see pages that friends and like-minded stumblers have suggested. The tool filters content – to help web surfers find relevant resources and, therefore, reduce the time required for research.

StumbleUpon offers around 500 themes. Users can choose their interests and preferences so that each stumble produces the most relevant content.

The tool uses an algorithm so that “users” can learn what content the user has liked in an effort to increase relevance and also ensure a high quality of return.

4. Social Bookmarking Site, Mark Ruzier’s latest initiative, is a curation site with some zip that is still in its beta testing phase. Primarily, it is designed to provide readers with pre-selected information and sources around specific topics. But, the part that makes the scoop.

It is different in that it is conceived to help the author publish. You can publish a relevant tweet (or Facebook post) within two clicks: once you come to a page of interest, you “scoop” for a bookmarklet, then you create a pre-made relevant post.

Publish with Since content creation is difficult to create pre-Nihilo, provides a convenient platform to create a digital footprint – even if the content per se is someone else, the selection, arrangement, and presentation are personal and, for example, museum curators , Marked by the curator’s signature.

I believe that for the brand who are looking for content creators, there is a service like Scoop. It can be a very effective facilitator / platform. The ease of publishing an already compiled list of content can be a boon for digital marketers, forever looking for extra time.

5. Digg Social Bookmarking Site

Dig shows what is trending nowadays. The company was established in the year 2004. It allows people to vote in or down content called ‘digging’ and ‘burying’ respectively.

If you can manage to get your content on the first page of Digg, then you will certainly attract an incredible number of users to your site.

6. Tumblr Social Bookmarking Site

Tumblr is a social networking site founded by David Karp in 2007 and is particularly well-known among bloggers. It is a site where users can share text, photos, quotes, links or even make audio or video calls. It is also available as an application. You can share more and more content on this.

7. Folkd Social Bookmarking Site

Folkd is a social bookmarking site that helps individual users keep track of bookmarks. Users can also see what their friend bookmarks are doing. It allows stories to vote, follow users, and share links through other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Folkd is one of the largest and most active bookmark communities. It allows users to save their favorite bookmarks and share them with friends, family and followers.

8. Medium Social Bookmarking Site

The medium is a robust content-based platform where users are allowed to express their views on a particular topic.

Writers around the world put their ideas in front of their followers and encouraged them to express ideas in words. Currently, it has more than 25 million users who are actively leveraging the platform to put forth their views.

9. Fark Social Bookmarking Site

The Fark website was created by Drew Curtis, a community website that allows its members to comment on various news articles and other relevant articles for your interest.

It is originally a comic site and news aggregator with content submitted by the Fark community.

10. Pocket Social Bookmarking Site

Pocket is one of the world’s leading save-for-letter service, with over 32 million users spread across the globe. This is very simple to use where users only have to save the URL of the page you want to read later. It is available in both versions i.e. free and paid. Depending on the requirement, the user can choose any of it.

It is an application as well as a web service that manages a reading list of articles from the Internet. Operating pocket is available for most operating systems. It is a great site for social bookmarking and is counted among one of the social bookmarking sites.

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These were the top 10 free social bookmarking sites that you should definitely use to enhance your content marketing strategy. You can take advantage of user presence on these websites for marketing your content.

Social bookmarking sites are, no doubt, one of the best ways to get increased traffic and quality backlinks to your site. However, beware of their excessive use on social bookmarking sites as excessive sharing can lead to your site being penalized. Use it wisely and effectively! In addition, let us know what other platforms you are using for content delivery and sharing. Hope you like this post and it helped you find the best social bookmarking sites for your website.

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