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How AI (Artificial Intelligence) will effect Web Positioning and It’s Future in SEO

Artificial intelligence is a tool that in the business world is a great revolution. Currently it can be implemented in any department or business area. And in all this context, SEO strategies were not going to be left out and miss the advantages of AI.

Artificial intelligence can be of great help in the face of the effectiveness of the tactic that is being carried out in the positioning of the web. The tendency to which we are directed with the use of Artificial Intelligence is to obtain that the searches are personalized much more to be able to offer more concrete results to the users when these carry out a search.

That is, thanks to AI, you can increase your understanding of what the user is looking for so that the search engine finally shows the person who has performed the search, the result you are really looking for. And this is what Google has been working on: RankBrain. It is a Google algorithm based on artificial intelligence.

What is RankBrain and how does it affect SEO?

Broadly speaking, it can be said that RankBrain is another of the many algorithms that Google has. We can describe it, as a program that tries to organize the contents (only those contents that Google can reach) in a coherent way by what is relevant or not that it considers such content. What is also assumed that the search engine is usually kept updated. What is achieved in this way is to offer the user who is browsing the Internet a series of results that are much more optimized and adapted to their search needs.

“A Google algorithm that bases its classification through artificial intelligence to understand the context of what the user is looking for”

Keywords are not the only important thing for SEO. What Google has always valued very positively is that the content of the web was focused on the user and not the robot. For this reason, the text of a website must always be adequate and to report on the products or services offered. Now, with the passage of time, the new trend when writing content for the web is:

  • Solve possible questions that may arise to users
  • Use topics with those class words (long tail only)
  • Use a simple and easily understandable wording that approaches a conversation.

It is important to keep in mind that Rankbrain is based on AI so it especially pays attention to those words that have not been used before. Therefore, if you want to succeed in the face of this algorithm, a good option is to try to guess those words that are not being answered.

You have to try that the texts you have on your website respond to questions that you think users who visit you might ask about what you offer them. And remember at all times, the most important thing for Google is that your site is designed to get the best user experience.

AI Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever wondered what AI is? This system is based on machine-induced machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is made up of a sub-branch known as Machine Learning. This is based on the combination of different algorithms to build response patterns similar to those of the human being.

Thus, the computer language is oriented on a daily basis to offer us advances in innovation and application of Artificial Intelligence. Organic positioning is an area of ​​novel studies, where tools have been provided to improve SEO.

Artificial Intelligence and SEO web positioning

Currently,  Artificial Intelligence  has interesting applications in digital marketing, particularly in SEO. In a timely manner, it raises novel contributions allowing to improve the WEB positioning, let’s see more information below.

Intelligence has modeling techniques, which recognizes searches made by Google. In this way, it offers us the best option in the shortest possible time.

It has a linguistic program, which gives an attractive and complex analysis of the contents on the websites.

It presents a software oriented to learning by trial and error, that is, under certain criteria, it seeks to create a concise response to the search we carry out by google.

Data and numerical records are obtained, according to the number of searches we execute, with similar or synonymous keywords or phrases. To do this, it maintains statistical tables of our behavior patterns as users of the websites.

The results obtained through the use of artificial intelligence are subject to human supervision and evaluation. In this way, tests of the database are carried out, to verify AI’s contributions to SEO.

In conclusion, do you know how Machine Learning works? It is important to note that its use in regard to organic search is not simplified to a specific keyword, but offers us a wide creative search for phrases linked to the subject.

Thus, editors or writers have innovated with the creation of quality texts and synonymous key phrases, to enrich the content and improve our user experience.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in web positioning

Artificial intelligence has an interesting approach when it comes to SEO optimization. Here are some advantages of its use in SEO.

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Intelligent Software in Keyword Research Optimization

There are various platforms that guide us to Keyword research, however, they lack an analysis, where artificial intelligence is absent.

Therefore, we can use Google Analytics, which offers us keywords with optimized digital strategies. So, you can reduce a job that can be tedious manually.

Smart program to guide users

An ideal aspect that artificial intelligence offers us is the capacity of predictive analysis, based on a series of data.

For the scope of the database, there is a paid platform like Salesforce Einstein, this allows us to access heat maps, to verify user behaviors, so you can improve the engagement of digital marketing.

AI perfects Email Marketing campaigns

Through the use of intelligent programs oriented to email marketing, it contributes to positioning the websites to better rankings. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out email marketing campaigns linked to:

Content creation: through the use of templates with CTA or calls to action, which increase the level of subscribers of websites.

Attractive title: with the automation of titles by the use of AI, a greater impact on the audience originates and generates greater reception in Internet users.

Build attractive websites

It is ideal to provide an intelligent, dynamic platform that creates organic traffic. For this, we can use attractive, optimized content and chat bots, which guides us about the user’s needs.

Finally, it is estimated in the coming years that artificial intelligence allows Google to be a personal assistant. This is because the brain of Google, raises to automate the personalized results of each browser on the web, through the use of Machine Learning.

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