Suryakant Tripathi

Growing Expectations And Disrespect Show The Breakdown Of Relationships

When two people come together, first give their best to bring all their good things in front of them. But the other aspects of his personality are gradually beginning to appear. In this case, they both treat the previous behavior as reality and like to see the same things.
They don’t understand that many changes take place over time. In such a situation, the relationship with new changes must be accepted. In the absence of this, relationships are scarce.

In every relationship, there are expectations and they are important from time to time. But waiting all the time takes the front away from you. It is often good to keep quiet when the mood is not good, otherwise taking such a behavior can increase the distance in the relationship.

The romance that exists at the start of the relationship is also important to maintain it so that the relationship can be refreshed equally. But the constant imposition of expectations raises the burden in relationships, so that the person escapes.

Growing Expectations And Disrespect Show The Breakdown Of Relationships

It is very important that you separate your self- esteem and your relationships. If the behavior of someone is as it is today, it will remain the same and if you can have such a relationship then the answer is’ no,’ it is important to move forward.

In two ways, people go ahead. Go to a different relationship first, learn from your experiences and move on. Those who learn something from the old relationships will be able to get together, their expectations will decrease, They can better manage relationships and do not repeat the old mistakes.

I don’t like your way or this thing seems very bad, you did n’t have that thing before . It ‘s important to understand that nobody can be as you always want. It is not possible for anyone to change completely if this change is acceptable, Then it’s okay. But small things like dressing and speaking, and not trying to change them, also mean that you must dominate.

“The basis of the relationship depends on the mutual cooperation of two people, but if there is a divide between the relationship and you are alone in the e- mail attempt, it is not egotism, self- respect.”

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